About us

MIWENTI is an engineering company with a long time experience and knowledge applied in and around the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) as well as an extensive practice in the development, engineering and manufacturing of copper components applied in the steel plants.The products and services supplied to the different steel plants worldwide have allowed us to understand many of the existing problems and difficulties in association with the installation, management and maintenance of the different applications.In order to guarantee the high quality, starting from the project, from the purchase of raw material (copper) to the production, MIWENTI has a copper foundry and copper workshop. It has gained experience over 30 years in the manufacturing and supplying of products based on the copper technology in the steel industry.We have focused their knowledge on developing new technologies or applications with the aim of increasing the performance and safety of the operators, reducing the production costs and maintenance costs and increasing the efficiency of the process.

Our strength lies in a 360-degrees service, end-to-end, which starts from the very first point of contact with the customer to the actual evaluation and data collection. Our target is to understand the true needs of ours customers in order to offer them a tailor-made solution. Miwenti supervises the entire process directly and does not outsource anything to external companies. As a result, we always have under control the development and the security of our processes. As soon as we make sure that perfect functioning and efficiency are achieved we take care about delivery, step by step installation and after-sale support.

The company name, Miwenti, comes from Chinese and literally means “no problem” and it fully represents our ethos. Our workstyle follows a 100% tailor-made approach which focuses on highly personalised solutions for our customers. Our challenge is to offer tangible answers developing ideas and solutions to any specific issue.

Our mission

Innovative Problem Solving Solution
Energy & Water saving
Taylor-Made Applications
High Reliability
Turnkey Installations & Assistance
Team-work with customer
Maintenance Cost Reduction